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About the Lancaster Group

The Lancaster Group, Inc., is a hotel management company with its corporate office in Houston, Texas. The company has specialized in the development, repositioning, and management of small luxury hotels and resorts for the past 20 years. Properties that are considered for management should ideally range in size from 20 to 175 rooms and must be of consistent, compatible quality levels. Each property is a unique challenge and The Lancaster Group Inc. is dedicated to generating profitable performance while maximizing the value of the property and its name for the owners.

By specializing only in small luxury hotels or resorts of distinction, The Lancaster Group Inc., leverages marketing, public relations and sales and management expertise to achieve a coherent program directed to a well-targeted travel market, both business and pleasure. The relationship of pleasure travel and business travel is extremely compatible, particularly as city hotels targeting primarily the upper-end business travel and groups refer directly back to the pleasure and group meeting business for resort properties and vice versa. Lancaster Group Inc.,  mission is to remain a premiere, small luxury hotel and resort management company providing the best in personal service and profitable performance in an international context.

The Lancaster Group, inc.
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